As another weekend draws to an untimely end, 35 hours of soul destroying tedium circles through your conscious like a corporate feathered vulture. Sunday's television schedule does little to distract you from the thoughts of a job that you once donned your finest suit to secure, and here, in a moment of depressing clarity is the realisation that, "this is your life." Instead of a red book filled with your greatest feats and wittiest one-liners, the best that you can achieve is two pages of Arial 11 point detailing your employment history and one or two hobbies that you added in a desperate attempt to make it sound as though you were a true team player and not the mis-anthropic, work-hating malcontent that you actually are.

If this sounds familiar then fear not, you are not alone. The Daily Grindstone is here to help you through the perils of employment and give weight to your long held belief that, despite the hype, work just isn't that great. So... make another cup of tea (remember that a full kettle takes longer to boil and can add minutes to your break), get comfortable, and prepare to adjust the scales of the work-life balance a little more in your favour.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Why I write...

Thomas Gradgrind was the cold hearted headmaster from Dickens's Hard Times. Mercilessly dedicated to the pursuit of profitable enterprise, his teachings attracted many disciples though-out the corporate world.

Whilst I can make no claim to ever having been particularly dedicated to hard work, as an idealistic graduate, I was once guilty of fostering ambitions of 'career building.' In the same way that a few years of neglect can leave a city in ruins, several years of the British labour market had left my aspirations smashed and smouldering. In a display of unbridled savagery, 'Work' had torn down my metropolis of ambition and had salted the earth to prevent any further growth.

Edmund Burke once said that evil would triumph when good men did nothing, despite being, at best, a mediocre man, The Daily Grindstone is my protest against the greatest lie ever told. It is neither sweet nor fitting to die for your employer!

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